Courses and Qualifications

Debbie Crosoer Qualifications

Courses and Qualifications

Since I left University, I’ve been studying continually.  In fact I have never had a period of time where I haven’t been enrolled on a course and studying either horses or health.  Usually I’m studying both.  My reading list is somewhat unrealistic considering we’re all limited to 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week, but I shall continue studying and advancing my knowledge so I can help myself and anyone else who wants me to.

If you’re interested in what courses I’ve done, then they’re listed below.  Most of the courses don’t have qualifications, some of them did, but I decided to just take the knowledge, not the politics that came with it.


Diploma of Equine Podiatry
Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics Practitioner
Okinawan Bodywork Dynamics Tutor


Gait Analysis and Anatomy – Dr Dave Siemens
X-ray Interpretation and Equine First Aid – Alun Jones
EPA Functional Anatomy and Lower Limb Dissections – Dr Helen Davies
Laminitis – Awareness and Approaches – Alun Jones and Richard Vialls
EPT Functional Anatomy and Bodywork – Dr Helen Davies
Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics – Gillian Higgins

Symposia & Lectures

EPA Conference 2009
EPA Conference 2008
International Hoof Care Summit
Waltham Laminitis Symposium
BEVA/NAFBAE The Diagnosis and Management of Conditions of the Foot: An International Approach
BHS Lameness Awareness Conference

Research Evaluation

Anatomy and Hoof Research – Dr Bob Bowker
Research Discussion Day – Dr John Reilly
Research Discussion Day – Dr Sue Kempson

Other Courses

Monty Roberts Association Courses (now Intelligent Horsemanship)

  • 5 Day Foundation
  • Stud Practice
  • Handling the Young Foal
  • Feeding and Nutrition
  • Horse as an Athlete
  • Horse Psychology
  • The Ridden Horse

Mary Wanless Teacher Training
Personal Coach – European Institute of Fitness
Health, Hormones and Happiness – Dax Moy
Kinetic Chain Assessment 1 – Dax Moy
Kinetic Chain Assessment 2 – Dax Moy
Kinetic Chain Assessment 3 – Dax Moy
Elimination Diet 1 – Dax Moy
Intergrated Performance Coaching – Dax Moy