Hoof Geek

Promoting hoof and whole horse health by providing help, support and education through articles, discussions, books and courses.


The most important thing in your horse’s life is YOU! It’s very difficult to make good balanced decisions if you’re overwhelmed with information, too much to think about or too much to do. Hoof Geek is all about simplifying things so you can focus on the important stuff and drop all the unnecessary stuff that zaps your energy.

A clear understanding of what’s most important to you, and what’s going to get the best results for the least amount of effort, decreases your chores allowing more time for the simple pleasure of spending time with your horse. Not only that but it increases your confidence and gives you more certainty about your decisions.

If pathologies like Laminitis and Founder, Navicular, Underrun Heels, Hoof Imbalance, Poor Hoof Growth, Weak Hoof Structure or Deformed Hoof Syndrome are the problem, or you just want to improve and maintain the health and performance of already good hooves, that’s what Hoof Geek is all about.

The secret to improving hooves, no matter where you’re starting from, is to improve the overall health and well-being of your horse. Hooves respond to the stimulus they receive, so they change in response to pretty much everything that happens in the horse.

Good trimming and shoeing is important, but so is balanced nutrition, healthy organ function, good exercise, freedom of movement (within the body as well as in the external environment), well fitting tack, and a suitable environment. That applies to you, the owner, as well as the horse 🙂